Hadley Corpus


In 2006, I had an experience that truly changed the course of my life. I can still vividly remember sitting in the circle with a group of women, many of who I had just shared a community dance class with, and most of who I had never met before. My body was so awake from the dancing, I was a little nervous about what the heck I was doing there, but my heart was ready to open as I was longing for connection.

Together in our circle we were safely led to connect into our bodies, quiet our thinking, and feel open to share deeper parts of who we were. As each woman courageously shared with the group it felt like my soul began burst wide open. I too offered some of my own story and just let the tears that had been held openly roll down my face. It was the first time in a long time that remembered feeling fully alive, witnessed, and that I could come home to myself.


The experience moved me so deeply that I knew I wanted more, but I was also immensely scared of what being fully awake and alive in my life meant. At the time I had been stuck in my own depression, numbing out with alcohol and drug use, and staying in unhealthy relationships that enveloped me in further toxic situations. Eventually it all brought me to a breaking point where I had to get honest and really choose how I wanted to continue to live and show up.

With the help of some beautiful people and opportunities I began to navigate how life could be different, connected, and gloriously more wonderful.

I explored movement as a way to heal and find meaningful connection, and took up dance again which I had loved growing up. I started a regular yoga and meditation practice, and for the first time I felt I was able to use my physical presence to feel and witness everything in my life rather than feel riddled with shame, guilt, or self judgement.

When I came to my mat I was becoming aware of every muscle, beat of my heart, breath, and emotion rising to the surface. To be honest, all of this new awareness scared the crap out of me, but eventually with time and practice the fear began to soften and instead I recognized the safety, joy, and freedom that it held.


Through conscious movement and mindfulness practices I also began to release the confusion and false beliefs about myself that I held for so long. It was like a spotlight was shining on the crap that had weighed me down, and I could finally step away from it and arrive at a loving connection with myself.

It was then that I decided to continue on a path of further opening up to who I truly was, I wanted to go deeper. I quit my corporate sales job which wasn't a right fit for me, and cut ties with more unhealthy behaviors, patterns, and relationships. I trained to be yoga and Pilates teacher, a wellness coach with I.I.N, and life coach through Mentor Masterclass. In 2014 I trained with Stacy Sims from the True Body Project and began teaching mindful movement, creative expression, mindfulness and meditation to children and adults in after school programming and workshops.

My passion is to help individuals connect to themselves through movement and mindful awareness, and through this awareness, awaken to their own truth.

Experience and Education

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True Body Project, Lead Teacher

Bija Yoga School 200hr RYT

Prism Pilates 130hr Reformer + Mat

Child Light Yoga Training 30hr

Mentor Master Class Life Coach Training

IIN, Holistic Wellness Coach Training

Certified Reiki Trained Level I + II

NKU, BA International Relations