Hadley Corpus










As a movement teacher and wellness coach, my passion is to help you remember your inherent potential.

To feel whole, be present, compassionate, and beautifully connected to yourself and the world around you.



Our bodies are amazing vessels that are capable of unbelievable feats, creation, strength, and recoveries.

With private movement sessions learn to support yourself and enhance your physical activity while bringing optimal well-being and healing to your life.

Whether your desire is to release chronic stress and tension from your body, increase strength and flexibility, recovery from an injury, or gain stability in your daily movement, I am here, to guide you and support you on your path.


True Body Project is an award-winning, trauma-informed program providing girls and boys, men and women with an empathy-focused experience of mindfulness, movement, writing, art-making, deep attunement, play and contemplation.

With the True Body Project programming we offer adult and youth workshops, in-school and after school programming, and classes.


We all experience periodic stress and times when we aren’t feeling our best selves, however, consistent patterns of heightened stress, self-judgement, or detachment can over time can negatively influence the way we live our lives and interact with the world around us.

Within personal wellness coaching, I am here to support you in your goals, help you navigate away from the patterns that are weighing you down, and encourage you to celebrate and honor all that you are. It’s time to return home to yourself and thrive in the way that you desire.


Events + Schedule 

 Stay up to date with my current public classes offerings in the Cincinnati/NKY area, as well as events, workshops, and new programs that I offer with other amazing teachers + coaches! 


Move + Thrive Blog

Life is movement. We breathe in fresh energy with each inhalation, sing from the roof tops ( or maybe the shower), and stretch our muscles as well as our limits. I believe that movement is key for us to live healthy, creative, and connected lives. On the Move + Thrive Blog I share thoughts and stories of my own movement + self-development experiences, as well as interviews with movement professionals, coaches, teachers of mindfulness and meditation, and other awesome movement + self-development folk . Come check it out!