Hadley Corpus

Connect to Your Core, Release Stress, and Empower Your Life

The connection to your core, when in alignment, can help you feel grounded, self-confident, secure, as if life is working with you. When this amazing power is aligned, your feminine power can also be amplified. Yet everyday, millions upon millions of women are walking around clenching, straining, and or completely disconnected with their core, pelvic floor, and power. Not only does this result in pain and dysfunction in the core/pelvic floor, but it also forces our mind and body to compensate for it in a number of different ways.

Perhaps you have experienced ongoing or regular physical pain in your lower back, hips or S.I joint. Maybe you are experiencing the annoying feeling of recurring bloat, inflammation, or tension. Maybe you feel like you’re unable to take a full deep breath. This might manifest emotionally as well, either as anxiety or a feeling of perpetually ongoing stress. Or perhaps you’re feeling a nagging feeling that you have somehow veered off of the path that is meant for you. Only you’re not sure what that path is or how to get back on it.

However, pain, discomfort and disconnection is not something you must simply endure and ignore. You have the ability, strength, and the inner wisdom to reconnect back to your core, feminine power, and live in greater harmony.

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Exploring movement as a way to grow and heal, making time for self-reflection and play, incorporating mindfulness into daily activities; these are some of my favorite ways to support a healthy, creative, and connected life. On the blog I share thoughts and stories of my own practices and experiences, as well as interviews with other awesome folk in the movement and mindfulness world . Come check it out!