Hadley Corpus

Connect to Your Core, Release Stress, and Empower Your Life

The connection to your body’s center, when in alignment, can help you feel grounded, supported, strong and stable, as if life is working with you.

However, for many women all over the world, their engagement with their center (core and pelvic floor) is just the opposite, resulting in the mind and body clenching, straining, and lacking in deeper connection. While these issues are all too common, common does not have to be your “normal” and something you must simply endure.

You deserve to feel supported, to feel connected, and love the skin you’re in!

With 1:1 Core Healing you can learn movement and mindfulness exercises that strengthens and heals you while building the confidence that gives you the energy to love yourself fiercely.


Move + Thrive Blog

Exploring movement as a way to grow and heal, making time for self-reflection and play, incorporating mindfulness into daily activities; these are some of my favorite ways to support a healthy, creative, and connected life. On the blog I share thoughts and stories of my own practices and experiences, as well as interviews with other awesome folk in the movement and mindfulness world . Come check it out!