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Hadley Corpus
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Spirited Movement

Can a yoga flow help connect you with your inner self? Can dancing be a form of spiritual self-expression? Can you commune with a higher power while lighting weights? Yes, I think you can!

Spirituality is often thought of as sitting quietly with little or no movement while praying or meditating. In my experience this is a limited view of spirituality and it prohibits many people from seeing themselves as spiritual or being spiritual. There are many ways to be spiritual, my passion is to help people explore the concept of movement as a spiritual practice.

Growing up as an avid athlete who played soccer, danced, and loved swimming as a child, I found immense joy, peace, and inner stillness within movement. It allowed me to move out of my limited view of thinking and ground me in the present moment while also feeling strong, connected, and capable. But for many years I also battled the confusion of what it meant to be connected to my body and still be a spiritual being. Was that possible?

As I struggled to make sense of difficult moments in my life in my teens and early 20’s, I finally realized that movement and spirituality did not have to be separate, I didn’t have to choose. I could be fully connected to my body and spirit at the same time. As I’ve continued to grow a deeper passion with movement, play, and ritual, and have trained in numerous movement modalities, the connection to my spiritual sense deepened, and allowed even more of my divine nature to shine through as fluidity, strength, grace, and harmony.

Supporting your mind and body

We often talk about the mind / body connection, but there really is no separation between the two. The mind affects the body and vice versa. So if the mind and the body are to work in harmony together, surely we should include the body in our spiritual practice by incorporating movement.

Not surprisingly, your body is very often a reflection of your mind. If you are very stiff and rigid and begin to stretch your muscles every day, then you may discover that while your body is becoming more flexible, so too are your thoughts. There is real benefit in incorporating movement when you are trying to make changes to the way you think and live. Sometimes the only way to fully rid yourself of anger, grief, shame, etc. is to move and allow yourself to really experience the full spectrum of your feelings. And different feelings call for different kinds of movement.

Intentionally nourishing the mind-body connection on a daily basis can help improve health and well-being, reduce stress, and keep the brain agile and the body responsive. When body, mind, spirit and emotions are in balance, health and well-being follow.


PILATES + YOGA - I offer movement and exercise practices that stimulate both the body and the mind as well as nourish the spirit. I offer specific instruction in yoga ( vinyasa flow, restorative, Yin) and Pilates ( mat, reformer, pre and post-natal). These sessions give you the opportunity to receive instruction designed to meet your unique needs at a time that fits in with your schedule. This special attention will allow you to develop and deepen your practice, build a home practice or work with a specific condition, limitation, and or injury. 

“SPIRITED” SESSION- I also offer a signature session I call “Spirited” which is a blend of intentional mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical engagements to encourage the brain to consciously choose, your emotions and body to release tension and build strength, and the spirit to nourish an authentic and connected sense of self. Music is also used to bring flow, rhythm, and energy to the session.


Do I have to be experienced in yoga or Pilates to begin individual or semi private sessions?

No you do not. Beginners are welcome, along with seasoned practitioners who are looking to elevate their personal practice.

What is a “Spirited” session like?

A Spirited session is a blend of Pilates, yoga, HIIT exercises, and somatic movement that accompanies breathwork, meditation, that all flows to the beat of music and or intentional sound. At the end of our session we purposely connect to our spiritual selves.

Ex: creating a triangle with hands and “placing inside” intentions and or prayers for yourself or others, to looking into empty palms and knowing you are waiting to be filled up with the blessings, and joys of the day.

Even though we are connecting with spirit through movement the entire session, we always take time to nourish the soul and spirit specifically at the end of class.

Do I have to practice any specific religion, or believe in God to do the “Spirited” sessions?

Absolutely NOT, this practice is welcome to anyone of any faith or anyone of no religious practice of any kind. The goals of these practices is to help anyone feel more supported as spiritual beings through movement and feel divinely connected.

Where do all these offerings take place?

Our sessions can take place in several settings. If you live in the Cincinnati/NKY area, I can provide in home or workplace sessions where I come to you ( NOTE- reformer Pilates sessions are in studio only). If in home sessions or corporate sessions aren’t an option I also have use of a beautiful studio space called The Breathing Room which is located in between O’bryonville and Hyde Park.

What is your cancelation policy?

Cancellations may take place in a 12 hour notice, otherwise client is charged for the session missed. 


Private 1:1 Rates:

1 Sixty Min session = $75

4 Sixty Min sessions = $275

Semi Private ( 2 or more individuals)

1 Sixty Min session = $100

4 Sixty Min sessions = $375

Corporate Rates:

1 Sixty Min session = $100