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Mindful Coaching

Providing personalized guidance to experience deep transformation through mindfulness, meditation, and mindful movement.

1:1 Mindful Coaching and Mindful Group Coaching can guide you to:

  • Get to know yourself at the deepest level

  • Move from reading about or understanding the depths of meditation to experiencing them first hand

  • Expand your creativity, intuition, and spontaneous expressiveness

  • Deepen emotional intelligence

  • Deepen your relationships with partners, friends, and colleagues

  • Open up to greater compassion for yourself and the world around you

  • Release negative self-talk, blame, and judgement

  • Create an awake and loving relationship with your body

  • Explore mindful movement practices such as yoga, Pilates, and somatic exercises

  • Use mindful breathing and body awareness to create greater ease in your life

 Who is this coaching for?

  • I’m just starting a mindfulness practice. I know I want to go deep, and would love some support in establishing my practice.

  • I'm committed to personal growth and want some guidance on how mindfulness, coaching, and mindful movement can be part of that.

  • I want to know and understand myself better, particularly on an emotional level.

  • I’ve been practicing on and off for a bit and I feel like I’ve reached a plateau. I don’t know what to do next or how to move forward.

Are you ready?

People who benefit most from mindful coaching are ready (ready enough!) to make a significant personal commitment to their healing. Between lessons, there are home assignments such as meditations and journal prompts. The home practice is essential to the work.

1:1 Mindful Coaching

Explore how you can weave a mindfulness, meditation, and mindful movement practice into every facet of your life, to grow in the directions you want to grow. This one-on-one relationship provides a supportive context for deep exploration. It’s a safe home-base where you can bring the personal insights, victories, challenges, and questions that arise in your practice and your life. Through 1:1 Mindful Coaching you will receive answers to your specific questions, and guidance tailored to the particulars of your practice and life.

1:1 Mindful Coaching provides:

  • 1:1 guidance and support

  • 45-minute weekly sessions

  • Virtual sessions via Zoom

  • Lifetime to my guided meditations and movement practices

  • Contact in between sessions to ask questions or get time-sensitive guidance

  • Two-month minimum commitment

  • Free intro session

Because it’s important for the relationship to be a good fit, I meet with each potential client for a free 30-minute phone introductory session. In this session I learn more about you and your practice, discuss your goals, how mentorship works, and we can see if the relationship feels right.

I ask clients to make a two month minimum commitment to our work together. This ensures the process has time to bear fruit.


Want to learning more and see if this is a good fit? Let me know a bit about you and I’ll get in touch with info on availability and rates.

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Mindful Group Coaching

Group Coaching allows you to connect with other students and go through a series of mindfulness themes and practices together. Like 1:1 Mindful Coaching, this offering provides the benefit of a direct relationship with me as your teacher who can speak to your questions and experiences. In Group Coaching you will be able to explore the added advantage of being in community with other students who can support you on your journey.

Group Coaching meets weekly for a 1.5 hour group video call. This gives us time to meditate, connect, ask questions, and get specific guidance and coaching for the week. Group coaching meets for three-month commitment, with each commitment organized around a theme. People often choose to continue for multiple monthly commitments to receive ongoing learning and support.

Mindful Group Coaching provides:

  • Groups of no more than 6 students

  • Meet virtually via Zoom

  • 1.5 hour, weekly group sessions

  • Three-month long commitment, centered on a theme

  • Access to my guided meditations and movement practiced while enrolled in Group Mentorship

  • Peer support from students in your group


Interested in checking out Group Coaching learning if you’re a good fit? Tell us about you, and we’ll get in touch with info on availability and rates.




Interested in checking out Coaching or learning more, then let’s chat! Tell me about you, and I’ll get in touch with info on availability and rates. Click the button that corresponds to what you’re interested in.