Love Notes

“Prior to working together, I was not in a good mental or emotional space. I caged my feelings, grief, stressors, and emotions inside of me and at any given time would just explode from me in unhealthy ways. I was aware of it, wanted to work on it, but didn't really know how. In working together I was able to gain the necessary tools to start working through all of it. The meditation and mindfulness practices helped me through stress and general wellness, like getting an uninterrupted night's sleep, and other tools like journaling, has been monumental in working through my current feelings, deeper emotions, and grief.  

 I think the most noticeable pattern I have broken/beginning to break is feeling obligated to do everything in a social sense. Before, I felt like every birthday, every baby shower, every kid's birthday was so important that I left no time for myself. Now, I say no when I need to say no.  I have been able to have a dialogue with myself about whether saying yes to a particular event or social obligation is what is right for me in that moment.  That has changed my life. I can say "No, I'm sorry but I can't make it" to social events. I don't think I could have done that before. I would run ragged from thing to thing to thing and was not even enjoying the time I was spending with people. Now I am aware of that and realize that it is more important for me to spend quality time with people when I have the ability to truly invest in the time I am spending with those people. Sometimes, that has meant spending multiple weekends in a row not being social because my mind and body need rest from the work week I had. The nature of my work demands it. Being mindful of that has made me a much more mentally healthy person.”

- Ashley B, Attorney

"Hadley is an incredible individual. Whether you are seeking new guidance through yoga or wellness, she is your lady. Hadley is devoted to living her life mindfully and rooted in healthy habits. She is incredibly selfless, easy to share with and has a beautiful way of incorporating much needed humor in daily life. You will feel safe and comfortable with Hadley as your guide. I cannot speak highly enough of her and truly love and appreciate the joy and calmness she has brought to my life and those around me!"

- Hilary Douglas, Yoga Teacher

Hadley’s coaching has been such a blessing in my life.  She’s so intuitive - listening to my words and hearing what is unsaid beneath them.  She processes my messy and raw reflections about my life from a place of compassion and without judgment. It’s like being wrapped in acceptance.  Then comes her honest and powerful questions that light the way sometimes to explanation, to resolution, or to new perspective.  She makes it safe to see and feel where you are so you can begin the work of moving forward.  That’s what I’ve done working with Hadley, moved my life from a place of solitude and confusion to a place of confidence and faith.  She’s an outstanding coach and an amazing woman. 

- Jenn Mckay, Change Coach & Human Resource Consultant

Hadley is a wonderful inspiration, full of knowledge, who willingly shares it. I always took something home from her yoga practices, always felt lighter, internally expanded. I love how she leads with a human un-mechanical approach, intuitively sensing what needed to come next. I am fortunate to have met and practiced with her."

- Matt Ionna, yoga teacher

"Hadley is a human being that brings such a loving and warm presence to any moment in time. She practices and lives her message and there's nothing about her that will lead you to think otherwise. Her ability to heal is real and I would recommend her to anyone looking to find their way back to living a life of healing through love of self, others and the entire world around!"

- Patrick hitches, fitness professional