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Connection to Your Core

When you hear or see the word “core” it often is involving fitness exercise where abs are working hard to get nice and sculpted. However, I distinguish the “core” a little differently.

I believe the core is place that holds our feminine power, which has a physical, emotional, and mental connection. Physically it’s located on the body starting from our diaphragm/ solar plexus, connecting to our lower abdominals/ sacral chakra all the way to our pelvic floor/ root chakra. 

If you’re not familiar with the term “chakra”, the chakras are described as energy centers in the body, or “wheels” as they are known in Sanskrit, that influence our mind, body and spirit, helping us understand how we operate as a unique expression of consciousness.

Physical Disconnection

Now throughout our lives, the connection to our core can get physically jumbled through various ways, experiencing child birth is one of the most common for women. However studies have shown that non-postpartum women, young girls, even men can have the same issues in their core areas. In fact, studies show that 1 out of 5 women over the age of 20 have some form of core or pelvic floor issue.

Frequent physical challenges that women may experience with a disconnected core are:

  • acute and chronic stress

  • over clenching the pelvic floor

  • diastasis recti- the separation of your abdominal walls

  • stress incontinence (this happens with sneezing, coughing, laughing, jogging etc.)

  • reproductive or menstrual problems

  • sexual discomfort and pain

  • hip and low back pain

A whole person approach is needed..

Your mind and body are powerful allies. How you think can affect how you feel. And how you feel can affect your thinking. Constant pain or discomfort like your core being out of balance and disconnected can affect your emotions. You might become depressed, anxious, and stressed, which could affect how well you treat, manage, or cope with your pain. Other feeling and emotions that can surface when dealing with lack of core connection:

  • Feeling a little lost, without purpose or direction

  • Blocked in creative expression

  • Dealing with anger or control issues

  • Suffering from stress and anxiety

  • Gripped by perfectionism

  • Home life feels chaotic and unsettled

  • Inability to follow through with goals, etc.…

However, the good news is that I know that women are not doomed to suffer with these issues, there are ways to heal and regain the core power physically, mentally, and emotionally. The field of neuroscience, women’s health research, certain relaxation methods, and movement modalities such as yoga, Pilates, tai chi, breath work, meditation, and mindfulness, all help explain the importance of the mind + body connection, and that we need to explore a “whole person” approach to healing rather than band-aiding or just dealing with pain and discomfort.

Fun fact- Did you know that your brain controls the muscles of the pelvic floor by way of nerves

The Breathing Room

The Breathing Room

Core Healing

With 1:1 Core Healing sessions I am honored to see you as a whole person, and value your healing needs, mind, body, and spirit. I offer scientifically studied and tested exercises to support your physical needs, as well as mentorship in emotional resilience, and stress reduction so that you can live more freely and in greater connection to yourself.

In our initial session, I begin by learning more about you! We’ll talk about the physical issues, evaluate, and from there I will be able to construct a series of exercise sequences to help you reinforce a new pattern in your body. Your session will be accompanied with home exercises to further facilitate the corrections needed to maintain core support, and with repetition, your body generates a new neurological pattern via flow instead of holding and gripping.

Throughout our continued sessions we are also able address the mental and emotional blockages and holds that are present, and learn to gently combat them with mindfulness, meditation, and breath work so that you feel greater support and relief.

If you are still experiencing your moon cycle, I also offer information on MCA (menstrual cycle awareness) which I have found immensely supportive in healing the connection to this part of our selves. The result of all this close and intimate work after a series of sessions together allows clients to walk away feeling:

  • feeling at home in your skin

  • increased flexibility and flatter tummy

  • a metabolism boost

  • decreased lower back tension and pain

  • a more relaxed face, brow, and jaw

  • a deeper enjoyment of intimacy

  • greater safety and security in the relationship with yourself and others

  • a release of general tightness, including knots and persistent pain

  • better range of motion

  • improved digestion and immunity

  • increased creativity

  • greater self-confidence and assurance

  • more relaxation, awareness, and understanding of thoughts and feelings, and more!

Who is 1:1 Core Healing for?

1:1 Core healing is here to support you if you:

  • Are recovering from child birth, regardless if you are newly postpartum or 25+ years postpartum

  • Experiencing dysfunction or pain in your core power to due stress and or trauma

  • Are looking to deepen into engagement to this part of yourself and value a whole person approach

  • Are needing to create greater release and ease in your core connection (over gripping, tightening, controlling)

- Note that Core Healing is not necessarily about sculpting “6 pack abs” or to completely repair deep pelvic floor dysfunction such as organ prolapse. I am happy to recommend several medical pelvic floor specialist in the Cincinnati/NKY area for those who need a different container of support.

Ready to get started on healing + restoring your core power!

Please know that your not alone in experiencing these issues, there are millions of women who suffer with these same conditions everyday. I am fully here to support you on your journey to reengaging your core power! After reviewing the pricing below please fill free to reach out in the contact form to schedule your initial session and or ask any additional questions you might have.

Pricing for sessions:

Initial Consultation: $80 ( 75 min)

5 session packages $375 ($75/ 60 min session)

10 session packages $700 ($70/ 60 min session)


  • 30% Initial consultations ( $24 savings)

    Code- CORE30

  • 20% 5 and 10 session packages ($93-$140 savings)

    Code- CORE20