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Creating Space For A New Conversation

I am fortunate to know a lot of good people, interesting people, fun people, and bottom-line creative folks who are curious about exploring movement. These fine individuals allow themselves to venture off the beaten path and share their unique knowledge with others. This interview is with my pal Chandler Stevens who is, in my opinion, the embodiment of that kind of soul inspiring creative person who is willing to forging a new kind of convo.

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Embodying the Beauty Way

I recently began a new blog series where I am interviewing people who have touched my life through movement in a beautifully deep way and have inspired change and growth for me as an individual. I look forward in continuing to share more stories and inspiration with those I come in contact with and with those who are embracing an embodied life of movement, love, and connection.

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Building community and releasing perfection

Today’s interview is with my friend Heather Britt who is a professional dancer, choreographer, she is also the founder of Dance Fix which is a high energy adult dance workout class that offers original and creative choreography and really taps into amazing different styles of dance such as jazz, lyrical, Latin, hip hop and more.

When you meet Heather, listen to her talk, see how she dances, this woman embodies passion in movement in such an amazing way.

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