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Moving Forward With Mindfulness

Last night was the first night of the 8 week MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) class that I signed up for this summer. I had been looking forward to this class for weeks, absolutely could not wait! I’m always ready to add some helpful tools to my teaching belt that I could share with my clients, but also I really desired some additional support myself.

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Self-Discovery Through Sisterhood

I have always loved and valued the female connections I've had in my life, and although I've never really considered myself a "girly girl" I could always hang with varied types of women and could easy fit into different friend groups. Even though making friends came rather easily for me, I often felt like I was on the search for real and authentic female support and friendship instead of a surface level friendship.

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Embodying the Beauty Way

I recently began a new blog series where I am interviewing people who have touched my life through movement in a beautifully deep way and have inspired change and growth for me as an individual. I look forward in continuing to share more stories and inspiration with those I come in contact with and with those who are embracing an embodied life of movement, love, and connection.

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