Sleep = Self-Care

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I have been traveling a bit more this summer than usual which is has been awesomebut after weekends in Detroit and Chicago, a music festival in Athens, and last but not least a world wind girls trip for two weeks to Paris and Croatia I am now officially pooped!

Traveling is difficult on the body especially when you thrown in different time zones, air travel, new foods to adjust to, and then just the physicality of it all, if you're doing any walking around, adventure activities, it can all really take it out of a girl.

But at least I knew I was going to be pretty beat when I got back as we were staying up late and waking up early just to not miss a second of it. I mean with these views can you blame me?

But now I am back and trying to get readjusted to my Cincinnati life again, I am allowing myself to go to bed early, I am not fighting it or trying to push through which is a big change for me. Historically speaking I have been a night owl where after a long day, I continue to stay up way too late, watching some movie I've seen a gazillion times, or looking up random things on the web.

Joe, my boyfriend always encourages me to come to bed earlier but for some reason the thought of going to bed early has had me dragging my heels in the ground. My reasoning has been that if I go to bed too early I would wake up in the middle of the night and wouldn't be able to get back to sleep, which to me sounded a lot worse then just getting 5-6 hours of deep sleep.

But the "decompressing time" I had been spending in front of the computer or TV, my brain and body wasn't actually winding down the way I really needed it to and the 5-6 hours of deep sleep I thought I was getting really wasn't the case, so as much as I don't want to admit that Joe was right, I had been in fact making myself more tired than ever.

Before I went on my trip I came across a video from Marie Forleo and Arianna Huffington (two of my fav ladies who are crushing it)  discussing the importance of sleep, and Huffington's new book The Sleep Revolution. One of the best points I think Huffington makes about the sleep culture, particularly in the US, is how often people glamorize how little sleep then can function on, like it gives more value to the work you are doing if you can do everything with only 4 hours of sleep. It's total nonsense, and I am 100% guilty of thinking this at different times in my life.

Check out the video here.


So I re-watched this video after coming home and have made a vow to myself that part of SELF LOVE, SELF CARE for ME is making sure I get some good shut eye :) So I went to bed early the last couple nights, and yes, I did wake up for 10 or so minutes at 4 or 5 in the morning but it wasn't the end of the world. I would just make myself some tea or try to read a bit then before I knew it I was back asleep.

How does sleep or lack thereof affect you? Are there any sleep habits you can see that need some adjusting?

I can say for myself I feel over all more rested, I feel less stressed about needing exactly the 5 hours I was counting on to be able to function the next day. So far this whole sleep and self care routine is looking good. Stay tuned in for updates here on my blog on if I have returned to mindless web surfing in the wee hours of the night ( I sure hope I don't :)

In love and gratitude,


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