Self-Discovery Through Sisterhood


I have always loved and valued the female connections I've had in my life, and although I've never really considered myself a "girly girl" I could always hang with varied types of women and could easy fit into different friend groups. Even though making friends came rather easily for me, I often felt like I was on the search for real and authentic female support and friendship instead of a surface level friendship. Now I have been fortunate to have met some amazing lady loves in my life, but like so many women I know I've also had my heart totally broken by female friend relationships. Friendships and mentors not being what I thought they were, or me putting myself out there so much and giving so much of myself to someone and then having the exchange be so empty and one sided. I can remember being more upset at the loss of some of my friendships more so than some of my romantic partnerships in my life.

Over the years, through toxic or one sided friendships I slowly and unknowingly began to distrust women. I had put my guard up and had built up my emotional armor so female friends wouldn't be able to really see me, the real me. Instead of being real and vulnerable I would be the funny friend always making jokes, the wild friend that you would do crazy stuff with, the drinking partner etc... but I damned if I was going to let anyone come close to my heart. Yet even through my resistance I still yearned for that connection.

Last December, on a bit of a whim I signed up for a life coaching program called Mentor Master Class with Jeannine Yoder. I had been following Jeannine’s work and yes, I thought I wanted to explore coaching techniques and add more to my coaching tool belt, and I yes, I liked her message but I couldn’t 100% put my finger on why I decided to do the program. Jeannine was this woman who wore a lot of light and bright colors ( I wear a lot of black :) ) and called me "Love" when we talked and I was like who is this woman?! But it wasn't until I was rooted in the program that I realized why I actually had been drawn in so magically. 

Jeannine has a gift for bringing in women to her life coaching program and life in general who are her ready to embrace sisterhood, deep friendship, and support in a way I have never experienced, yet always longed for.


When I say that my life has been forever changed is truly an understatement. What I have received in this program is not only beautiful friendships and amazing coaching techniques but I have been able to finally remove the emotional armor I had been building unknowingly over the years. I am fully ready to not only to be myself in my relationships with women but also I have reconnected to being myself for myself which is the greatest relationship I can have and honor.

So, if you are looking for support in growing your coaching business, or to gain new some coaching skills, then great Jeannine’s program will give that to you. But there is more to this program so much more! If you are ready to heal the part of yourself that wants to open up to the world, to women and relationships in your life then I urge you to check out her Free Self-Discovery Week and see what this could be for you. You won't regret it!